Note Cards

These notecards are printed on eighty pound acid free vellum which presents an excellent surface for any writing instrument. They include matching sixty pound envelopes. The card and envelope weighs less than half an ounce for overseas airmail at the lowest rate. The snowflake cards include a red imprint "Noel". Click on images to see an enlarged view.

Price........Singles=$1.75...........Multiples of.......10pack=$15.00.......50pack=$65.00

Rose Petals

The first bloom of Vermont's early summer with morning dew visible on the petals. What more needs to be said about the rose?


Maple Hill

Light from the setting sun of Vermont's late summer skimming across the tops of the trees and reeds.


Autumn Moss

As the early autumn fog lifts and the groundcover remains damp on the Long Trail of Vermont's Green Mountains, the vibrant hues of the moss and leaves stand out.


Window Frost

Vermont is beautiful in winter; these frost crystals, magnified five times, seem to have a mind of their own as they grow in unpredictable patterns.


Vermont Snowflakes

This is a composite of six different enlarged snowflakes against a background of drifted snow. A silhouette of varnish is printed over each individual flake. Please see Snowflakes for more detail on these images. The inside of the card is imprinted with Noel.

Photographic composite